Last-minute Study Tips for the CA Foundation Exam

You are appearing for your CA Foundation exam, which is just around the corner. While you’ve been preparing diligently for months, it’s natural to feel anxious a day or two before the exam. No doubt, CA Foundation’s previous year’s question papers are a boon. However, there are some tricks to apply to the last-minute preparation that will help you ace the exam. Read to know all about them.

Be aware of the entire syllabusBe aware of the entire CA Foundation syllabus

At this point, you are surely aware of every topic in the syllabus thoroughly. Jot down what you wish to revise from your notes to study and focus on these. Your last-minute revision sessions must include your handwritten summaries. Only this matters the most a day before the exam.

Stick to the ICAI study material

You are naturally aware that the ICAI provides study material for the course. We suggest you stick to this when your exam is a day away. Besides, take the mock tests provided by the ICAI, as they will give you a proper understanding of the actual exam structure. Also, they will refine your time management skills.

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Mornings are for theoryFocus on revising the CA Foundation topics in the mornings

Focus on revising the theory topics in the mornings, as your mind is fresh. You will find that your brain functions more efficiently, aiding in better learning and retention. But of course, this is true only when you have a good night’s sleep. Therefore, do ensure that you sleep well.

Move on from a tough topic

At times, you may find it difficult to revise a particular topic or solve a specific problem. Do not fret over it and move on to the next one. You can tackle that topic after a couple of hours. Also, stick to the topics that you have studied. Avoid studying any new topic at the last minute.

Go through RTPs

This is very important to follow after you finish studying. The Revision Test Papers (RTPS) give you conceptual clarity. RTPs coupled with MTPs give you an idea about the questions that will be asked. Solving these will also acquaint you with the suggested pattern to answer them.

The above tips are crucial to your last-minute studies. However, we also have some subject-wise small tips for you to navigate easily.

  • Keep a log of questions and the base formats together for quick revision of the Accounting
  • Keep your grammar rules and summary notes easily available for Business Law and Correspondence
  • Keep a list of solved MCQs ready for last-minute revision for Business Mathematics and Economics

Remember, you have only a day or a maximum of two days before the exam. Thus, you have to study smart to avoid anxiety and be prepared. While revision is imperative, be sure to cover the small topics as well. Also, the CA Foundation mock tests online, and CA Foundation question papers are your key to accuracy, speed and time management. Therefore, focus on these, and you are set to scale great heights.

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