JEE/NEET Preparation – Key to Success

Any competitive exam is a challenge, and it can get quite stressful too. Most students who take such exams lament that they know what they have studied but find it difficult to represent it. This is particularly true for exams such as the JEE and NEET. Besides, the syllabus for both these exams is vast, which includes important concepts as well. These are crucial to garnering high scores, and many students struggle to master these. Here, we tell you how to memorise these key concepts during your JEE/NEET preparation.

Join a coaching class

JEE/NEET preparation - Join a coaching classJoining a coaching class of your choice to boost your prep. Enroling in an institute that offers a JEE course and/or a NEET course will give you the opportunity to learn from experts. You will also be mentored and guided by them and can seek their help to clear any doubts and to learn the application of concepts.

Pay full attention

It is absolutely important to pay full attention in class. There is no substitute for this, as full concentration on what is being taught is important to understand key concepts. Complete and undivided focus is imperative here, for, when you understand it well, you can present it well too.

Make your own notes

 JEE/NEET preparation - Make your own notesAll IIT toppers back this point rigorously. The logic? When you jot down something in your own handwriting and your own words, you remember it better and longer. Writing down helps you visualise concepts and the main points in your way, and your brain registers them better and faster.

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Make flowcharts of concepts

This is a great way to memorise concepts correctly. Create flowcharts of each one or the ones you find difficult. Stick this onto your cupboard, above your study desk, or any place where you can view it easily. This way, you can memorise them whenever you get time and polish on them as well.

Use visual methods

It is well-known that we easily remember information that is in the form of graphics or motions. In fact, this method is more powerful than the written form. Hence, view videos related to complex concepts to get a better and faster understanding of these. This will also help you to remember concepts better.

Read study material thoroughly

It is important to read your study material and your notes carefully to memorise concepts better. When you do a line-to-line reading, it helps your brain to connect the dots faster and better. This way, you understand a concept more quickly and more easily.

Revise, revise and revise

Remember, nothing beats revision; revising what you’ve learnt means it goes deeper into your subconscious, helping you retain it better. Make weekly, fortnightly and monthly revision schedules. Create continuous revision cycles and pick up the old topics to revise every few days.

Supplement all of the above by joining the best NEET online coaching classes. Or, If you’re taking your JEE Advanced, enrol in one for that. The coaching for IIT JEE (and NEET as well) will go a long way helping you reinforce your concepts.

However, there are some other points to keep in mind while revising, which are important, and we state them below:

  • Stick to the NCERT study material
  • Mark keywords and revise them regularly
  • Read loudly to remember your learnings
  • Keep distractions (mainly gadgets) at bay
  • Quiz yourself after every revision cycle

Along with these, imagine that you are actually writing the exam with the actual scenario. This will help you prepare for it mentally. Also, maintain a healthy and nutritious diet, sleep well, and get enough of it. Move your body; stay active and meditate to stay calm and des-stressed. Complex and difficult concepts can be mastered easily if you follow the above tips. Therefore, study smart to score in them and ace the exam.

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