Tips to Grab Your Learners’ Attention During Online Lessons

Very often, people assume that online lessons do not engage learners. Although educators spend hours creating engaging online learning content, people still believe that online education is passive. Some learners opt for online classes as they think they can get away with doing the bare minimum. For teachers, building content that students connect with becomes a matter of pride. Here’s a look at how educators can grab and hold attention during online lessons.

How to Grab Attention in Online Lessons

Learn to Adapt

First things first, as an educator, you need to move with the flow. Stay ahead of the curve when it comes to online learning trends. Whenever possible, make use of new tech to build immersive experiences for learners. But, you need to walk a fine line between engaging with learners and distracting them. Ensure that your visuals or activities do not distract from the subject matter. Striking the right balance is the secret behind acing your online course strategy.

Use Powerful Visuals

Use Powerful VisualsIn today’s tech-savvy world, a picture says more than a thousand words. As an online teacher, you need to use this to your advantage. Instead of long paragraphs of boring text, use bright and captivating graphics to get your point across in online lessons. Visual elements will instantly grab attention and make learners take notes. Even simple infographics and flowcharts can allow you to engage with students.

Encourage Group Discussions

One of the best ways to grab attention is by putting your learners in the spotlight. Ask them for their views on a particular topic. You can also present startling information regarding the subject to encourage group discussions and conversations. Even those who do not voice their thoughts will sit up and pay attention.

Evoke Emotions with Stories

Evoke Emotions with StoriesOne of the easiest ways to help people remember things is by presenting the information as a story. You can use anecdotes to your advantage during online lessons. Powerful tales that evoke emotions allow you to build deep connections with your learners. Once you establish some trust, you can use stories to present information. You can even use personal anecdotes to showcase vulnerabilities to your students. If you don’t have any, use stories that provide a moral or encourage learners to think.

Encourage Active Participation

Very often, online educators use live online lessons as a one-way dialogue. So, it comes as no surprise that students tune out or start daydreaming. Instead of thinking of live classes as a lecture, use them as a tool for discussions. Ask questions or request your learners to debate their views. By shifting your approach slightly, you could boost your engagement with students by leaps and bounds.

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