Subject-wise Preparation Tips for 12th Commerce

Class 12 is a crucial and important year in every student’s life as it shapes their future. Whichever stream you may have chosen, each one comes with its unique challenges. And every subject must be tackled prudently and strategically. Here we will talk about how to handle every subject if you’ve chosen Commerce. Along with Class 12th Commerce sample papers, there are specific ways to deal with each subject, navigate and overcome its challenges. Read on to know more…

AccountancyClass 12 Commerce - Accountancy

The basic and most vital subject is Accounts, and starting with it is the wisest thing to do. To ace this subject, you must:

  • Practise Journal Entry, which must be at your fingertips
  • Cash Flow Statement, Partnership Firms, Company Accounts carry 60% weightage, so focus on these
  • Understand and learn the formulas and avoid rote learning
  • Formatting is crucial; hence, present your answers in a proper format in the form of Ledger Accounts, Journals, or Balance Sheets
  • Have proper working notes in place to support your answers where applicable
  • Theory is equally important; therefore, cover it before tackling the practical practise questions
  • Practise it daily to get familiar with every topic and solve as many questions as possible
  • Refer to other study materials besides your textbooks
  • Do indulge in self-study, access the 12th Commerce question bank in your coaching class, take online tests and solve previous years’ question papers

Business Studies

It is one of the most scoring subjects in Commerce and is also considered the easiest one. This subject requires focus and presence of mind and other tips as follows:

  • A completely theoretical subject, stick to the prescribed SYJC Commerce syllabus
  • Create brief notes and revise these consistently and regularly, as these will help you revise the entire syllabus in a short time
  • While revising, cover as many chapters as you can at the same time; for e.g., when you complete chapter 1, revise it; after completing chapter 2, revise both chapters, and so on and so forth
  • Most questions in this subject ask for your opinion, and hence, you must present your answers accordingly like you are sharing one
  • Case studies are a great way to score in this subject, and you must practise these as well
  • Using mnemonics will aid in reading and learning the points
  • Present your answers in a few points, as lengthy paragraphs will only put off the examiner
  • Understand the reason and logic behind each question, which will give you a proper idea while forming your answer
  • Refer to other books that offer simple explanations for ease of understanding
  • This subject does have application-based questions as well, and you must practise these while preparing
  • Prepare notes in your own language and create charts, mark important paragraphs, and, most importantly, practise

EconomicsCommerce Class 12th - Economics

This is one subject with a very vast syllabus, and this is surely daunting. However, sticking to the NCERT Class 12 books will give you enough time to cover it entirely and properly. Follow these tips to tackle it:

  • Handwritten notes are the key to learning and revising this subject, so make sure to create these
  • Create these notes for every chapter and make a flow chart for each, which will ease out your studying process
  • This subject is all about analytical and logical reasoning, and you must focus on building these two abilities
  • Both Macro and Micro Economics are about proper, labelled diagrams; so, practise these along with practising graphs, curves and figures
  • Focus on understanding the differences between concepts and terms as these are interconnected, and present these in a tabular format
  • Focus on tables as well, as they display calculations and applications of the formulas
  • Practise makes anyone perfect, and this applies to Economics more than ever as topics such as Revenues and Costs, National Income, and others require immense practise
  • Do practise solving previous years’ question papers as these give you a sense and understanding of the real exam and also the exact paper structure and pattern.
  • Before the exam, only revise the entire concept and theories from your handwritten notes, and avoid practising any question


This is one subject that is overwhelming and is feared by most. However, this also happens to be the most scoring subject, and there are ways to score in this:

  • Solve each problem/question by writing it down
  • Start with the difficult topics and the ones that carry more weightage
  • Practise all the problems in your book and revise from these
  • Combine the study of interrelated topics as it will save you a lot of time and give you clarity about them
  • Practise, practise and practise, as this is the only way to revise and score in Maths


This is one subject that is the compulsory elective in Commerce. It is also subjective in nature and hence difficult to score. Yet, you can secure high marks and up your overall grade if you study the right way. Here are some tips for that:

  • Literary questions can be tricky, and understanding the underlying meaning in the prose and poetry is important
  • Pay attention to grammar and work on it as you will be tested in it in all the sections of the paper
  • Refer to grammar books to improve your grammar and composition skills
  • Practise questions for the reading and writing segments, as you will never be informed enough of what may be asked in the exam
  • Learn about the correct formats in the writing section and use these to frame your answers, as this will increase your scores
  • Most importantly, allot a few hours for this subject each week to up your scores

Secretarial Practice and OC

Commonly known as SP, this subject introduces you to the procedures, methods, and skills needed to function as Private Secretary. OC translates to Organisational of Commerce, and both these subjects are quite in-depth. Therefore, you must give these both enough time to understand every term. We suggest you enrol in an online coaching class to get guidance from expert tutors. Besides, making notes and solving past years’ question papers will enhance your preparation further. Therefore, adopt these methods while preparing for these subjects.

Commerce subjects can be easily navigated if you adopt the above tips to study each subject. Also, do access sample papers for Class 11 Commerce, as this will mould your preparation further. Besides, solving past year’s papers will give you a peek into the exact marking scheme and paper pattern. It will also acquaint you with the type of questions that are asked and the important topics, and the weight they carry. Hence, these are crucial to your preparation as well. Adopt and follow the above tips, and you will be well-prepared in every subject.

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