Interesting Ways to Build Relationships with Online Students

Teaching requires students and teachers to come together and exchange their ideas. To do this efficiently, educators must create meaningful bonds with learners. Sadly, online learning seems to complicate this process. Students and teachers who work remotely often find it extremely hard to connect. So, teachers need to put in a little extra effort to build relationships with online students. If you find it difficult to bond with your students, we can help. Let’s take a look at some intriguing ways in which you can forge unbreakable bonds with your learners:

Fun Ways to Build Relationships with Online Students
1. Conduct a Survey

Conduct a surveyStart by getting to know your students. Send out a survey at the start of every new term. The questionnaire will serve two purposes. First, it will help you understand how your students learn. For this, you can ask questions about the kind of technology they use. Ask whether they use their mobiles and tablets or desktops. You should also check their preference regarding videos and text-based learning materials. The answers to these questions could help you create lessons that your students relate to more. Next, you can ask a few personal questions – things such as their current favourite song or hobby. You can try and use these details to enhance your storytelling while teaching online. It will help students relate to the subject matter.

2. Make Time for Show and Tell

If you’re dealing with a small class, you can spend a little more time getting to know your students. A great way to do this is with a quick round of show and tell. Give each learner three to five minutes to describe an object or item that brings them joy. It may seem irrelevant, especially if you’re teaching science or mathematics, but it will help you connect with your students. Such an exercise will encourage them to trust you and their peers.

3. Set Hands-On Projects

Hands on ProjectHands-on projects help students build vital skills while learning online. A hands-on project doesn’t need to be very physically taxing. It could also be a type of scavenger hunt. You can ask students to find spherical objects in their immediate environments. Once they locate it and show it to you, you can provide the next clue. Whenever students find an item and show it to you, they’re more likely to count you as somebody they can trust and will open up to you.

4. Hand Over the Reins

Give your students a chance to direct a lesson a week. Have them pick a topic and then ask their peers to come up with research questions for it. Not only will you encourage your learner’s creativity, but you’ll also build a strong bond with them.

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