Best Online Learning Platforms in India

Recent years have seen a surge in online education platforms, especially post the COVID-19 pandemic. To begin with, digitalisation had already seeped into our daily lives since over a decade. And the pandemic only accelerated the need and use of such platforms. But now, there are numerous such platforms, and it can get confusing to zero in on one to meet your requirement. To make it easy for you, TG Campus cites five of the best online learning platforms in India.

A steady rise

While growth has been slow and steady, the virtual learning space has suddenly witnessed a burst in users. This has led to exponential growth in online educational platforms. It is expected that online learning users will hit about 245 million by 2027. This means that user penetration is expected to reach 16.6% by 2027.

The demand has naturally given rise to a number of online learning centres as we mentioned above. Hence our list of the top 5.

TG CampusTG Campus: Online-learning-platform-in-India

It is by far the best institute that offers comprehensive online courses for competitive exams. It has live courses, as well as self-study courses and even crash courses for both the JEE and NEET. Along with this, it has live courses for CLAT and SAT as well. Moreover, it offers pre-foundation classes for Classes 6 and 7, and Foundation courses for Classes 8 to 10.

A self-study course gives you the comfort of doing it at your own pace. With genius study material, mind maps, regular tests and assessments, class notes, and recording of all sessions, TG Campus scores on all counts. On the panel are expert and experienced tutors to aid, guide and mentor you. They help you in gaining concept clarity, get your doubts cleared and support you throughout to meet your goals. A cloud-based interactive learning platform, it is truly a one-stop solution for all your educational needs.


This is known to be one of the biggest online learning platforms that offer Massive Open Learning Courses (MOOCs). It is based on a learner-centered setting where students can select their own learning path. It provides on-demand courses on several subjects or self-paced guided projects. From Engineering, to computer science, to social sciences, to humanities, it offers many comprehensive courses. You can take courses for credit or no credit here. You can also receive professional certificates and even graduation or post-graduation degrees. With an experienced and qualified faculty at the helm, you can study in a stress-free ambience.


This platform believes in ‘improving lives through learning’, as it states. You can enhance your skills in relation to employability and even acquire technical certification through some courses. This open online platform offers a variety of courses ranging from Business, to Design, to Coding, to Marketing, and more. The courses are created by individual instructors and published by them as well. You can take a course for a one-off payment fee and receive a certificate at the end of completion. Lesson modules are in the form of videos and text notes. There are even some free courses on a plethora of subjects. With lifetime access to courses once purchased, Udemy is a great option for online coaching classes.

LinkedIn Learning

Perhaps the most popular online learning platform, LinkedIn is known to offer courses that give a boost to your career by upgrading your skills. Formerly known as, it transformed into LinkedIn Learning after the social media giant acquired it. The courses here are divided into three segments – Business, Technology and Creative. These are further segregated into subcategories. Thus, you are bound to find the course that you are looking for. The courses are in the form of bite-sized videos, and the content is created by experts in their fields. The content meets the high in-house standards set by LinkedIn. And you receive a certificate at the completion of the course.


High-quality learning for one and all is their motto. This platform offers a wide range of online classes on skills that make you ready for a fast-changing modern world. Thus, the courses empower you to boost your career and also pursue what you love doing. From graphic designing to web development, the platform offers skill-enhancing courses. The courses are in the form of videos, and you can study at your own pace. You also have to complete a project while viewing this video content. It is meant for anyone under the sun who wishes to learn something new or upskill an existing skill. And what’s more, it is one of the most cost-effective digital learning platforms as well.

The space of online learning is only burgeoning and is set to grow further in leaps and bounds as seen. But with new platforms adding to the existing ones, it can get a bit daunting. Hence, if you’re learning to take a course online, our list of the best online course platforms will certainly help you out.

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